I had this idea in my head I think for over two years. I have three children (at that time two) and I realized how time goes quickly and how easy I forget. So I said to myself that it would be encouraging to write every day at least one positive thing that happened that day. No matter how bad day can be, I am sure there is always at least one moment which makes you happy or which you are grateful for. Second thing, since we are anyway surrounded with negative news, I thought it would be good idea to write some web application for sharing good news.

So during my free time I was coding, trying out things, few times stopped, started again. During 2013 I realized that I can start with minimum and then add more functionality, it doesn't have to be fully completed according to my idea. So I hope that I will have time also in future to keep improving this website, integrate more with social networks, have better design, do localization, spread more word, write apps for Android and iOS application.

if you have any comment, write on info@whatmademehappytoday.net